All We Need is Just a Little

All We Need is Just a Little


Inner Wisdom whispers

Stroking my unruly curls

The tears that had blossomed

But never unfurled

Just the stinging of the dew





….wait for it

Mel Gibson said it

But the whisper was more like a


A choking sensation

From my exhalations

Whining while dreams come true

The stars are aligning

In perfections timing

When everything old becomes new


Meditation shushes

The blinders placed to keep me tracking

A search for unanswered quests

Yet here in the stillness

I’m shocked into silliness

Because the questions are what kept me from you

Where you are the person

Who leaks from this pen

When you’re quiet enough

To be you once again

Where you are as much Love

In the sweet sunny kiss of days

As you are

in the stinging


The dew

So trust me, my child,

When I whisper in silence

Have patience

When growing

New Roots

-DAF 6Dec19

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