Experiencing Anxiety

This 💯 OCD is an anxiety disorder, and it is a chicken or the egg situation. Is anxiety making the OCD worse? Or is OCD making the anxiety worse?

Combine this with mixed states in bipolar – where the person is both depressed and manic at the same time, it is akin to feeling like a flaming hamster wheel in cement.

In all of this, the reality is an attempt to exert control in an uncontrollable situation. Even in attempting to cope with the situation, you’re still attempting to control and escape an uncontrollable situation. Awareness is key. When feelings start to arise, attempt to avoid labeling them in negative ways. Of course we don’t want to be anxious, but we inevitably create anxiety about anxiety. Simply be aware of what is happening – these are all signs you are experiencing anxiety. You are not anxious. You are experiencing anxiety, as a result of something else. Becoming aware of the something else is the key.

The only true solution I have found is to listen to what is happening. Instead of succumbing to or identifying with the complete panic, I question myself. I question what I can do in this moment, what can I change in this moment? And I breathe. I reassure myself it is okay. I have every reason to be panicking right now, of course I do. I have every reason to be anxious, and that’s okay. I can’t stand how the house looks, and that’s okay too. I can’t stop twitching, that’s okay. I’m discharging all of this energy. And I’m breathing. Maybe I start journaling. Maybe I start cleaning. But, what I have stopped is fighting what is going on – feelings should never be coped with. Feelings should be welcomed ambassadors of your subconscious needing attention. If you are around someone experiencing these symptoms, listening, helping them to question, and reminding them all feelings are okay can be helpful.

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