Lettin’ go or dyin’ tryin’

Today I am reminding myself I am enough and there is no more. I’m generally tired of thinking otherwise.

I said to a friend today, if I were to say I believe in god, it would be music. It’s the only thing that makes any bit of sense to me.

I stay away from labels and genres. I try to approach a song not worrying about what kind it is, but just to see if I enjoy it. I try to follow the same rule for everything. But constantly waiting on that next song is removing me from what’s playing now. I’m tired of always being the wrong song at the right time.

2 thoughts on “Lettin’ go or dyin’ tryin’

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    1. Someone told me the other day “imagine you have 5 minutes to live. There’s nothing to worry about because there’s no future and the past really doesn’t matter since you’re going anyway. That’s every minute” it is helping me just see when I’m
      not here and how irrelevant it is. I could be dead in 5 minutes, then to do list or to worry list becomes kinda dumb. Hope that helps! Either way, it doesn’t really matter tho, since whatever you’re doing is what you’re meant to do! ❤️

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