Aphrodite Swiped Right

Talking to you is like listening to me

If I were deaf and blinded

I scream and scream reality, but you sift through your illusions

You are drowning deep inside the quicksands of your own timing

I’ve shown you roses, pure and true, made in my blood and tears

You chose my thorns, you silly fool, too focused on your fears

Then, as your skin is shredding, you blame me for your pain

Though I point you wanted this, you’re blinded with your shame

A goddess asked you to love her

but you chose death instead

A goddess laid bleeding upon your lawn

but you chose the voice in your head

This is fine, it is your will, not mine to override

I’ll watch again as you go screaming, pulled out by your own tide

I’ll wave goodbye and slowly sigh, as I watch you drown again

A lifeboat, a preserver, a life vest and my love

Lay lost and all forgotten on this beach of all your losses

Yet I am eternal, perfect, imbued, hidden in the plainest of view

My tears will bleed, and my petals will blossom

With or without you


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