Keeping the Ass in Class

First World Problems: Alexa doesn’t yet understand “Play Fear Innocculum album by TOOL”. On the positive, she has not given me angry mariachi instead.

The solution to frustration is of course acceptance and shifting to gratitude. Despite the fact that my house looked like the aftermath of a frat party, there were 5 boys playing, riding bikes and having a general blast at my house, which has already become “the house”. My daughter now rides her bike to and from school, and yesterday she rode to a friend’s house, and they went to a skate park. Someone was pretty damn pleased about trying ramps for the first time. Someone else was kinda amazed her daughter is becoming a sheer badass.

Adventure Academy is a lifesaver. I found a way to help the kids feel happier about learning, help them learn, and achieve quiet friendly banter amongst all parties in the house. ReadingIQ is another lifesaver. My son snuck up late “studying”, so take that: conundrum I don’t know how to solve.

I have to get off this computer and go figure out a birthday for an almost 8-year-old. It’s good because I’m clueless. So, NV will see me wandering around Costco, Walmart, and Kohls with a look of perplexion. This also means that the birthday boy is not home with me right now, which means he’s at school, which means my butt is puckered with anxiety and hope. It’s kind of like the day after Taco Bell and there’s 10 long red lights between your ass and the toilet.

What’s life without a little adventure? In this case, I hope to god the Academy of Adventure keeps certain asses in classes, so my (itchy) ass can shop in peace.


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