Can you hear me, Major Tom?

My eyes are a wormhole

Let them take you deep inside

I’ll reveal all the secrets

That my smiles like to hide

Let them take you on a journey

Into my flesh sealed cave

The dark is only scary

if you forgot to bring a flame


Do you see my blue skies

Or do you see the gates of hell

they told me it’s a temple

But I feel like an empty shell


My body is a zebra

with scars instead of stripes

When a brain wanted a flat line

and a spirit kept whispering breathe


Can you see this little girl

With her heart trained to hate

Can you see the angry markings

Where once was untouched slate


Can you see the rope

as it coils the pale white throat?

Do you know the desperation

when death becomes your hope?

Have you danced with determination

When the spirit whispers no

Have you ever painted rainbows

When the black hole becomes your soul?


Like the sun, I choose to live and rise

Like the moon, a beacon seen

The dirty windows of my mind

Can block all the light in me

I’ll be the stairs of my aching mind

As I climb up once again

Rounds 9 and 10 have come and gone

And darkness is my new best friend

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