Can you find me?

Can you finally undress this soul?

Can you show me all the missing parts

that makes my fragments whole?


Can you see me?

Do you see the crimes I’ve paid?

Can you see the parts I’ve tucked and pressed

Inside this flesh sealed cave?

I think I’m inside here

But now I don’t really know

I’ve realized that reflections

Are the mirrors of windows


If there’s a goddess or a magic word to sow

Can’t you show her

And tell her I’ve lost my soul?


Can’t you hear me?

I’m screaming in this hell

The scenery is oh so nice here

But is yesterday where I dwell?

Who is asking all these questions

Who do you see inside?

The chattering of these voices

Make me distrust my own eyes

Inspired by this Opia by Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

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