We’re on a Mission from God

“We’re on a mission from God”

It was in your arms that I grew strong And with your wisdom I grew fierce Every word digested and learned But my mind is a different beast

Our worlds revolve around a different son You say he is above me

I say we are one

We see the world in opposing views Where life is good fighting evil

Or me fighting you

I am that I am in all that I do

Life is the process of unifying two

Jesus said love and forgive ourselves

Dying on a cross – the mirror to our living hell

The meaning of life is not heaven The present moment is eternity Made in the image of creation Our art is alchemy

Death to life, fear to love Transfigurations or transmutation what once was done is always new This is the illusion he shattered With His one simple truth

Be not a minister to the word Lest the word fool you

The Tower of Babel is a warning You can only see Christ in you Jesus trashed the temples

He hollered at Pharisee

When you look in to my eyes, is it the Christ you see? When I listen to their lies, I just hear “CRUCIFY ME”

You say He died for sin

I say He rose to raze the lie given You see two where I see one You see versus where I see none

There is no death when this is heaven There is only hell when love’s conditioned

In remembrance of me

Was a dinner table

What does your temple do?

He broke bread with family Judged and tortured by the ones Who are misleading you now too

He carved us in the palm of his hand

He is the footprints in the sand

How can He be anything other

Man made image of our Father and Mother

Christ literally means light: in our sisters and brothers

Sin is separation


You say he is above me I say we are one

Sin is separation

You say he is above me I say we are one.

It is in your mind I am wrong

My greatest teacher raised a master My hero thinks he raised a monster The moment they say is the only aim But you and I will never speak again

Here I sit choking on silence

On words never given

The only thing I wanted

Was to see the blues of your eyes not grey With the shame of all that’s me

The only thing I ever prayed for Was to hear maybe if I am wrong That Jesus still loves me

So that meant you love me too.

Even though I’m not what you wanted Maybe I’m the teacher He sent you?

This ache inside my rib cage Is another lesson too

The days and years that can be lost dying for “I’m proud of you”

I’m sorry that I can’t be sorry anymore even if it’s goodbye forever too. No matter how you feel, I’ll never stop loving you.

Father’s forgiveness is because we know not what we do

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