“Those who say 2 heads are better than one have never met a hydra”

Well, the black and grey is. Next step is coloring the eyes and pops of color in the flowers.

I was going to leave that for now, but instead, I’ll go do that next week for a couple hours. This was about an hour and a half, I didn’t even have enough time to fall asleep! 🤣

Overall, it’s now 16-17 hours.

My crazy life….

May 8:

I had gone to Revelation Studios a week or so before to schedule this one. I scheduled with Dwayne, and immediately stalked his IG like a conscientious tattoo consumer freak and realized he was “the one” I had been looking for with the hydra, I had contacted other artists, but I knew Dwayne was “the one”. Which sounds odd to type it like that, but…

I did this, and scheduled for the outline for the hydra. We were not moving at this time.


May 24

First session, about 6 hours to do the full outline. We were moving at this time, and we were waiting to hear back if we got approved for the rental we fell in love with.  We found out the following week – so 4 days after the outline


***Note*** there was actually a scheduled tattoo that I “responsibly” decided to forgo. I was going to start a sleeve, but this was before I was moving, etc. I wanted to devote my time and resources to making sure the hydra was done, instead of risking two half finished, massive pieces. I felt proud, adult-y, and responsible. #winning

June 14

Previously scheduled vacation to Asheville. We were not moving at the time this trip was booked, and I was not getting a back piece at the time this trip was booked. Our realtor was my partner in crime. Poor Evan had to deal with a showing while I was getting these.


June 20th:

9 days from now, I’m hosting a goodbye party. Naturally, we do tattoo.

June 26th

I have a party in 3 days. I have a moving date of 1ish month from now? we tattoo.

July 4

I’m less than 3 weeks out. I scheduled one more. I’m a hot mess.


…And I was worried I’d get it done before I moved 🤣🤣🤣 questionable priorities, FTW!

My Hydra and Middle Finger tattoo🦸🏿‍♂️👨🏿‍🎨is Dwayne Yeakel (@dwayne_yeakel on IG) from Revelation Tattoo Studios – Hatfield, PA

My Libra Scale/Sun cover up/fix and ; 🦸🏿‍♂️👨🏿‍🎨is Steve Zimovan (@Zimovan on IG) from Hot Stuff Tattoo – Asheville, NC

All tattoos have been healed with SusieQ Skin – Tattoo Aftercare

I have never had better healing and aftercare than with the cleaning oil and healing salve. Not a single one of these tattoos itched. I had some peeling, but it was all gentle. If I felt any tightness or discomfort, I’d wash it and apply the salve or just apply the salve and the relief is instant. It smells amazing. The products are all organic. There’s no greasy or gross feeling. My skin feels soft. I’m sitting here with all of this fresh art, and nothing hurts. I’ve applied it all to my older tattoos, and they look brand new again.

Dwayne was surprised he could come up to the left when he did the right side. He had thought he’d need to leave a gap because it would not have healed enough. The entire reason I’ve been able to do all of this is because of how well SusieQ works. My recovery has been painless, I haven’t dreaded the aftercare.

My first few tattoos, I didn’t know much. I did Dial and Aquaphor and it was awful. Everything felt slimy, greasy, and gross. I have never itched like that in my life. This was a completely different experience, one that made me feel okay slamming this many appointments together like a damned lunatic.

It’s not just me – my husband is also crazy and is getting covered in ink, and he’s using the same products. He’s having the same results. Neither of us can believe how freaking good this stuff is. I’m not going to lie – when I get out to NV, one of the first things I’m doing is throwing everything skin related I have out, and replacing it with everything skincare SusieQ. I cannot tell you how good my skin feels! So worth it, especially if you’re spending so much money on art!


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