Machines & Magic – Great Wide Divide

The drummer of Great Wide Divide has been my friend for almost 20 years now, and his new band just released their second single.

This dude – Strap as I will only ever know him as – got me backstage passes to meet CMFT (Corey Taylor). I have given birth four times and gotten married to the same dude two times, I’m sorry – still outranks. 🤣🤣🤣 in my defense, I literally wanted to name my oldest Corey Taylor but was overrode by Buzz Killington, aka the dude who’s wedding Corey Taylor beat out has best day ever. (I’m not sure if I’m joking or not)

Waxing nostalgia aside, taking any bias out, cause sure I am. I support my friends’ art. This is music I’d share out whether or not the drummer made it so I hugged the man I will leave my husband for in a heartbeat (he knows. He understands. He said he would too). This is amazing music. This is incredible music. This is new, amazing, incredible music.

The two words I would use to describe Machines and Magic are:

Magic (whoa-ho that’s original) and Intoxicating. The song feels like a dream that pulls you in like a beckoning finger into a mysterious land that feels like home. It feels drunk on life, teetering right on the line of everything and nothing. It’s the feeling of awakening, yet the soothing comfort of not being alone for once. Dan and Jason are nothing short of masterful in the way they dance with the guitars and bass. It’s incredible.

The lyrics go right to my soul, but calm my aching mind too. The music is like a drunken lullabye waltz. I could float, if I wasn’t so busy being pulled around by Tony’s voice.

The fact that I have paragraphs before even touching on vocals is insane to me. I’m always stuck on vocals and lyrics, but the music pushes you to the vocals and the lyrics. The song makes you a puppet to the music. It is such a beautiful listen, and then the vocals are insane. It’s like Thom Yorke and Maynard had a baby and it’s da lead singer of Great Wide Divide.

I feel like I already wrote too much because all of this is my own experience with my own lens, but this song hit me hard in all of the right places. I’ve listened 5x times now, and I hope I can score hearing more music by sucking up and plugging their music in my eloquent itchy assed ways.

Their Facebook:

Machines and Magnets:

Their first single – It’s Real (also amazing, I just was not writing when I listened, but it’s also intoxicating and incredible and became part of my rotation. Floaaaaat away on this one)

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