Woooo!!! My blog just hit 300 followers, which is awesome because I’m currently in competition with my daughter’s TikTok. My daughter has managed to get 1350 followers taking videos of our cat because she’s a damn fine marketer and a genius (like her mother) hahahaha

Last week or two weeks ago, I changed my profile picture on Facebook from this:

To this:

I’ve had my profile picture as Jeffrey Goldblum for years now. The only reason I changed it was cause I dig my hair and I started playing with makeup. I mean, I guess after 36 years, eventually you get into makeup a little?

I have done nothing different than betray the Blum. But in my betrayal, people started friending me and liking my page. Unfortunately, most of them wanted to friend me to send me their penises or assorted porn. I, however, am a pragmatist and used my self ascribed dick-a-palooza to drive traffic to my page and content and whatnot. I used the unsolicited imagery to decorate for my own amusement and post screen shots of some impressive outreach.

I went from 40 followers to 693 on Fb thanks to the traffic getting more page reach and whatnot.

Earlier this week, I celebrated a crushing defeat of my daughter’s TikTok by having 16 more followers than her. Today, she ran the numbers again and I’m almost 400 ahead of her across all social media.

She’s all determined to make more videos and beat me, but we all know that I’m going to turn off the WiFi so she can’t do anything, because I don’t believe in fair play 🤣🤣🤣

Anyway, thank you to everyone who has read my blog, commented, liked, and followed my itchy assed blog. In celebration, please enjoy a fine selection of SnapCat – which is what my daughter wishes she could do – but she can’t, cause I’m over 13 muahahahhaha (also she totally stole snapcat and is applying my genius to her own brand, but I’ll allow it since she’s my kid)

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