Til Death, We Did Our Part

4 thoughts on “Til Death, We Did Our Part

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  1. Good thing is to realize
    you were in a mistake
    you can change and thrive
    even with your heartbreak.
    Very likely that it feels bad
    you want to stop the ache
    but that you can forget
    and being able to forsake,
    means you’re not deceived
    from illusions, you are awake!

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    1. In the soils of my suffering
      A tiny seed took root
      There was a truth inside of me
      Undeniable through this gloom
      In the raindrops of my tears
      Tilling over long learned fears
      I learned lessons most forgotten
      In the quest of love, Iā€™m fallow
      In worldly pursuits, shallow
      Yet here inside my garden, perfection is all I know
      In the darkness of suffering, the seed became a tree
      I found the sun, the moon, infinity
      In my own loving arms, I grow.

      Thank you for reading and inspiring ā¤ļø

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