Surprises for the kids

Evan and I have been so fortunate to have so many changes and blessings since his new job. One thing I’ve been able to do is surprise the kids with whatever pops in my brain to make them smile

Amazon had a lightning deal for a butterfly garden. We got the caterpillars and our butterflies just started emerging from their chrysalis. They’re so excited! The kit was so cute, it came with everything, and we can keep ordering caterpillars to raise more butterflies 😊

Evan and I are also trying to get better at socializing, and Evan joined a meet up to make some new friends. They have meet ups for the whole family. We went to one at a Japanese buffet and the kids got hooked on the little guava candies.

I found bags of the guava, pineapple, and lychee on Amazon, and I also saw this grab bag of Japanese snacks to try. They’re so frigging cute!!! We had MST3K on last night (while I folded laundry mountain) and the kids were trying and trading some of the treats. I was sitting there watching for a few minutes, taking in their laughter, and just feeling so thankful. Silly little treats don’t mean much, but the memories do…

Olivia made me photograph all of these because they were “too adorable. You have to show everyone how cute they are!”

Last, all the kids are signed up for horseback riding lessons. I had the idea for Olivia, and surprised her with her first lesson. She took to it right away, and the boys started asking. Zacky has his first lesson last week, Tyler was this week.

Watching them be happy kids means the world to this mama. Giving them memories and stories is one of my greatest joys as a mom. When the young lad is throwing a fit, or knocked over an entire container of laundry I spent the entire day folding, I can choke back homicidal rage and respond with some measure of composure thanks to mental images like that butthead right above this paragraph smiling. He’s so lucky he’s cute or sometimes, I really do get why animal mothers eat their own.

I kid, I kid…

**Note, I am breaking brand here and going with MJK over The Jeff because any excuse to use this picture is an excuse to use this picture. Sorry Lord of the Blum, but this is the better pic**

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