Lilith Mythology

The story of Lilith has been my personal mythology for a minute. I generally think I’m channeling a lot of that energy right now.

I find the whole culture and society thing interesting in the face of this myth. Everyone talks about Eve, but in Jewish mythology, Lilith was first, she refused to be subservient to Adam, and she took off. An archangel was sent after her to return, and she agreed to kill 100k of her children daily to stay sovereign and free. I mean, talk about relevant.

I don’t believe in these as any more than fairy tales, or more accurately: they serve as descriptions of different elements of our consciousness. Adam/Eve/Lilith/Cane/Abel are facets of the human mind. It was becoming self aware and realizing that there is a difference between me and you is the “fall” of man. It’s also the ability for us to experience creation. We can only have experience viaopposites. I can’t know if I am happy unless I have been sad. The fall isn’t sin, it’s not understanding the power each of us are. Not given. Not receivers of. Our power is the mastery of opposites. Not the avoidance of opposites.

Every opposite implies unity. Life implies death and up implies down. Period.

By awakening to our separation, we are asleep to our unity. The inherent unity that goes from being a “son of god”. It is the same imagery as zen poets use when they say we are all waves of the ocean. “The ocean waves, the universe people’s” (Watts) we are all arguing over different words and context, even though they’re the same fingers pointing to the same truth, but everyone argues whether it is an index finger or the middle.

The Lilith story is a glaring reminder in this present time that all is not what we see. The “war” has gone on since consciousness became self aware. Each of us is a pin hole of that fabric of consciousness, and it is our duty to become aware and expand the universe. These biblical stories were to help us in the journey of awakening to the fact that we are the image of the creator. Not the servant. Not even the child. The trinity is a trinity for a reason.

There is creator, creator made flesh, and the spirit that is consciousness itself. It’s just like King Arthur’s table – no one is above or below bc all is one.

When blessing yourself in Catholicism:

Why do you tap the physical location of the third eye/pineal gland and say “in the name of the father” so god, or the third eye said to be the connection or seat of divine. The son is your heart, and your very essence. The Holy Spirit. On either side. Like your lungs? Your voice and spoken word?

So then is the sign of the cross about a wooden beam someone hung on, or your very manifestation on this planet, as an embodiment of Christ. Christos. Light. Yet Christ isn’t Christ without Lucifer. Who also means light bringer, but is associated with darkness. Is that to say only light can be found in what we perceive as dark? The luciferian ideals then would be bringing light to the unconscious mind.

All descriptions of consciousness. All of us are consciousness with the only difference being levels of awareness. This is gibberish or makes a lotta sense, depending on your consciousness. “Speak not to those who do not have ears to hear”


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