Goldblum or Godblum?

We here at Mahbuttitches have experienced a first. This is completely and totally unchartered territory.

For the first time ever, I have been unable to find appropriate Goldblumery for my post. It’s rare I am “with it”, “hip”, or “have my finger on a pulse” but I actually do watch GoT in real time, so I clearly am just one step ahead of the pack on this one.

Have you ever wondered what the special is behind the sauce here?? Where does she get that Goldblum? I will not tell you, because that’s a goddamn trade secret. (google image search)

Anyhoo: yesterday, after my excoriating rant about Brienne being a a Knight of the 7 Killjoys, or perhaps Ser Cockblock (Read it here!)

I found myself completely unable, no matter how many scrolls, to find an appropriate Jeff for the situation. I had to make one. I had to break outside of my comfort zone, see through the illusory veil of Google Image Searches, and create…nay – manifest my vision.

Jeff Goldblum, driving a car, with a t-rex, as he burns everything but his sexy, sunning self.

I have created. I am an infinite creator being. Infinitely creating Goldblummery. As god intended.

Jeff GOT (1)

I’m just saying: Jesus and Jeff start with Je, and God and Goldblum both start with Go. Go for god’s sake. It’s time we all start waking up. #GoldblumforGod2020




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