Just a Slice

I took my pen and carved my flesh, to see what hid inside

Black blood oozed slowly, leaking tears left me blind

Tacky, sticky comfort revealing all the truth I denied

In the flaps of my skin, I saw scars hidden

My very nature is sin, reflected hatred given

Down to the bone, the poison seeps unbidden

Nails on chalkboard, whispers in my mind

So many synonyms to blind you, I’m fine

Ecstasy in suffering, take this pain painted to rhyme

Take it to a dreamscape, a place beyond this time

Right now my sky is so black here, all I know is war

Yet something deep within me begs and brings me more

The darkness seems so real here, yet still do I believe?

In dreams….. I remember a time I was free

In dreams…… I remember a time before I was me

In dreams, I know they told me who to be

Awakened by my bloody pen leaving my paper heart tattered and torn

It’s easier to sleep with razors, bit by bit all reality shorn

Slicing out my tongue since silence is bliss

As my shadow leans in for one last kiss

Whispers in new voices, new demons hiss

Until I jam my fingers in my eyes to staunch the acid tears I cry

Hisses and kisses leak to cheeks leaving fresh scars as they dry

A lie, I whisper, please just let me die

Trying to see what’s in front of my eye

Bleeding, broken, hope is dead

The dark sky shifted, one thought left in my head

Shadows can only exist where my light is shed


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