Asking for a friend…

If you could live in a mansion on a huge amount of land for one year. You can afford it. It’s gorgeous. One catch: there was a murder in the garage. Also it may have been used to shoot porn. The house is gorgeous but needs repair since it’s been not lived in since the murder. And it is as is.

Pool. Hot tub. Incredible view. Amazing kitchen.

Do you rent it or do you not? Why?

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  1. No, I wouldn’t rent it, but not for the reasons you said. I would have an issue with the disrepair. If I’m renting, I am expecting a place to live that is kept in good repair. After all, I would be expected to leave it in good repair at the end of my lease.
    As far as the murder and the porn goes, that’s just stuff that’s happened there in the past. Most homes have a past of some sort. I used to live in an area where many homes are more than 100 years old. There were many “events” in many of these homes throughout their years. I can’t recall any of the history giving me cause for concern, whether living or visiting there.

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    1. So funny story, the friend is obviously me, but around the same time I read your comment I started being concerned along the same lines. The house is set to be demolished, and the guy doesn’t want to put anymore money in it because he’s lost so much from the murder and then the next tenant was a sober house that destroyed the septic system and had to be evicted after paying nothing because the owner of the company OD’d on heroin.

      But, like you said, I realized if this guy has this mindset, it will be hell if something goes wrong. I’ve got three kids, this place is massive and amazing, but I don’t feel like dealing with a dickhead for a year before we move to the west coast. I really appreciate your comment because you sparked a lot of insight 🙂

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