Justice Just Is Another Word Unheard

All our problems float in sapphire skies. We can see them all so clearly. But it’s hard to see, really, when our eyes are closed – albeit temporar’ly.

All our problems float in an ebony sea. Drowning in rip tides of duality. When only black and white can win, no one can hear the middle within. Compromise is a dirty word, and safety is found following the herd.

We can’t be honest, it’s preferred, to continue the act in the happy show.  No smile can hide the truth we know –  day by day, these holes grow. Empty lies draining our soul – life is soup in a colander bowl. If it’s not win/lose, it’s not a deal. Your only worth is what they steal. In black and white, useless words. Lies become a common verb. 

Words to lie for what we should say and do, but repressing is all we were taught as true. So in my silence, please assume, it’s the most honest I can be to you. Taught acceptance comes with to do’s, triggers and trauma bind us like glue, no history learned, cycles anew, spreading pain like a virus, ’til your heart isn’t you.

This din is made so we can’t see our mind’s design’s catastrophe. We have to know deep within, in all our secrets and our sin, the lies inside lie outside hidden. There is no inside for our webs, and skeletons are called our closest friends.

What they say is fate is all self-made. The pain and suffering that we crave. Our broken minds, living lies, eternal service to the ties that bind. Conflict of interest, two minds warring, serving as our own judge and jury. Lady Justice isn’t blind, she’s the voice they put in your inside.  Raping free will with morality, they siphoned our gifts with phony beliefs. Our goddess and guidance stole to be: the program for willing, happy slaves. Projections of fears we create, surrounded by actors in our real play “Self-Hate”. Take a minute, and you can feel, this drama is actually surreal. Is this a life you would create, or would this be hell if you chose your own fate? Though your reflection is you that you see, are you even who you want to be?

As above, so below, as within, so without. The waves of the truth could wash away doubt. Look around and you will see, inside of you is reality. Close your eyes and you will know, you’re a method actor, lost in your show.

These problems can’t resolve in a mind – made insane by design, so we choose to be deaf and dumb – blaming our problems on everyone. Day by day the pain will grow, adding more drama to the show. The lesser of two evils, we decide, is drowning our demons by stoking the fires.

We build fortresses to keep the shadows, protecting the hangman bringing us to the gallows. A hangman’s noose is not a rope, it’s all the lies that left our throat. It’s not the drop that breaks our neck, it’s all dreams lost when we turned our back. That’s not punishment paid on a debt owed, that’s your own forgiveness you couldn’t show. Every day written by our own hands, we sign our own warrants, proving ourselves right by being damned. Our chosen daily dose of death, because we can’t and won’t accept, the reality of love does not know reject. We can’t let go and be free, we must be the burden we bereave. Love isn’t love unless it hurts, and a tally of losses is all we’re worth.

We don’t fear pain, we don’t fear death, we fear the moment we see back. On all the no’s that should be yes, on all the wants we repressed, on the death of every dream,  on every silence that could have screamed, on all the hearts that wear our scars, on all the loves that broke our hearts. On all the lives we didn’t live, and all the love we’ll never give.

And yet beside you, love resides. She wipes the tears from your crying eyes. She sees nothing of your crimes, just the beauty of your mind’s design. She sees you flawless, god made flesh. She sees you perfect, nothing less. Somewhere in you knows these words, is this a truth you haven’t heard? Though it’s easy to say insane, or not even notice a word on this page,  maybe it’s nothing but rhyming sounds. But sometimes profound isn’t found when focusing on verbs and nouns. Pronouns are used to guide a reader, but if you’d let me make you a believer…..

She is you: Open your eyes and hear her.


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