Muse’s Release

Free yourself from your disease. Become your own masterpiece. Right now, pain is black and blue, but it’s nothing to fear, you’re a rainbow confused. If this redundant play is to end, become your own true best friend. See yourself: the sleeping god. Read this until you finally nod: you are not lost, there’s no displeasing god. Hear the wisdom screaming now – create, expand, find yourself.

I swear to you, no snake oil claim. Forget what you learned, and see you’re enslaved. Trust, compassion, it’s our own arms we crave. We keep looking out not seeing its in, there are no threats outside when there are no threats within. In fear of illusion, we became the minds’ slave. We feed and feed everything we crave, pouring it in our own black hole, fed a lie that we aren’t whole, desperately pimping out our soul.

We pray or escape our lives away, wishing to die without delay, for the chance of some promised future salvation, yet how is everyone addicted to instant gratification? It seems to go unnoticed, the part of us that always opposes. We’re constantly in contradiction, believing what’s next your only want. The older you are, the more you get dumb and genius lies in the youth of the young. It’s not about age, just seeing the cage – the one you lie and say is free range. It’s about doing something with your rage, at least take up your dreams and see what could change.

Let out the canaries, they’re starting to die. The mines of your insides are burying you alive. It’s too crazy out here, trusting lies over intuition. By hurting you, you hurt me, by hurting me I hurt you. There is no one, it’s only two, except that is not exactly true. If I help you, then I help me. It’s okay to feel happy. There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself. It’s just easier to blame your mental health. But what if the sickness, so many claim, is the specialty of your special brain? What if it’s your purpose, the reason you’re here? What if you made friends with your greatest fear?

It’s still okay, you still are perfect, it only hurts until you see you don’t deserve this. Love what they said was not okay. Love even though you feel afraid. Imagine you have a get out of jail free, and live your life because you’re me. I can see your light within, I embrace you pure of sin. They told you all your rights were wrong, they made you tone deaf to your song. Listen now, listen closely, your muse still sings, though now so hoarsely.


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