From a Crack in the Wall (Flash Fiction and Writing Prompt / Writing Challenge!)

From a Crack in the Wall (Flash Fiction and Writing Prompt / Writing Challenge!)
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My ending:

By the time he reached the crack, he had allowed his fear and doubts to overwhelm him. The crack was gushing blood like a severed artery. He slowly breathed and regained control of his mind and imagination. Water came flowing clearing it all. Thinking some wine might cheer him, the flow instantly became a decadent Bordeaux- his favorite vintage, his wife still didn’t know. Tipsy and giggling, he played around with different wants and wishes, until his eyes opened for the opportunity he’s missing. Escape, he thought now, I have got to go. If something doesn’t change, I know I’ll go insane. No respect from a single soul in my life. My marriage is a sham and I don’t know my wife. My job is the reason my chest is aching, and I just think there’s happiness out there. If I was brave enough to step out of this square. Oh please give me another choice, let me have a chance to actually live. Just a second chance on this fucked up shit.

No quicker did he finish his plea, then the crack became a cave. He stepped in with no hesitation. The memory gone from the life he wasted. He won the lottery of fresh start, while at home they gathered pictures for the funeral. So young to have had a failing heart

But just after that fateful step, a beautiful baby boy cried his first breath.

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  1. ohhhhhhh wowwww. clever! So basically the cave became a portal for him to start his life over again as another baby? hahhahhhaha awesome. That is one of life’s biggest questions— were we given the opportunity to start over, would we do it? Thanks for writing this. I really enjoyed it.

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    1. πŸ™‚ Thank you girl, I loved the challenge, it was so much fun to write. I like to think it can be seen either way – is he starting over, or is he someone entirely new altogether? I love the idea that when someone dies, a baby cries so I wanted to try to write it out – this was just too perfect!!


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