Beautiful Shitshow

For all the times you said

It was me who was unstable

You’re the one, it seems, who clearly is unable

To stop your incessant whines and babble

As if your life is a game of Scrabble

Where only, if only, you’d find the right word

Something to prove my claims most absurd

How dare I try to call you “crazy”?

You don’t have depression, it’s just lazy

You are surely not one of me

Infected by the “invisible disease”

Your feverish texting

Your random neglecting

Not cyclical in nature,

But, your instability is my fate, dear

Cause love for you is like a fishin’ line,

Keep draggin’ me down, no air for cryin’

Your charm is the laughter, the smiles, the jokes

All wrapped in projections of old fires I stoked

Are you maniacally happy or happily manic

When all this stress becomes a panic

“You’re beautiful shitshow who didn’t know

Like fine compost, you make me grow

Flowers blossom of worry and doubt,

Like I planted a seed and wished it to sprout

You draw me in when I am lost and found,

Reliable as the dinner bell sounds

Hungry Hippos slide up your skirt

Like a worm feeding in dirt

My worms start to gnaw instead

Like a nightmare, I play in your head

Weaving around like the spider web’s silken misled,

Wrap this truth in when you’ve connected the thread

The longer you’re around me, the sooner you’re dead”


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