Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep…

Lilith set aside each one

of her hundred thousand babes

into a little coffin, a smiling little grave

She sighs to see the sunset, the death of a new dawn

She hates to see her babies, grow up to feel so wrong

She watches as their dreams die, beat down by their lie

One day, she knows, that it will change and they will start to waken

One day, she sees, one day they’ll see all the bonds to break here

She sings to them a lullaby upon each precious raindrop

She screams come home upon the wind the ears have long neglected

She plants a question, one by one, into imagination

Who were you before they said to listen without hearing?

What will it take for you to see through this silly nightmare?

Where can you go if you can’t flee the sounds of your own screaming?

When you stare at your own bloodshot eyes, who do you see inside this darkness?

How many scars of sunset are etched upon your soul, how many nights will you die until you become whole?

Why won’t you ask a simple task of your brother and sister’s singing? Why can’t you hear the simple truth – aren’t your guns ringing?

Come back to me, Come back, be free

Your true Mother beckons softly

No more coffins, no more graves, just singing angels day by day



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