Whisper Down the Lane

When did I die?

Was it the day I said enough, and contemplated razors and bathing?

Was it the day I went too fast, and didn’t turn before the pole awaiting?

Was it every goodbye never given?

Was it every time I ran away to keep my heart hidden?

I know here is not where I want to be

There is no home where death is living

There is no love where lies are given

I love you comes with clauses and closed fists

Listening comes with paybacks and Indian givers

Every night I pray for a new dawn

Every morning I see how I am wrong

I can’t take it yet I have no choice

The price I pay for sacrificing my voice

The dreams I never dared to chase

Are the nightmares I wake to face

Listen to me, hear my pleas, I’m singing to you

Can’t you set me free?

I’m sorry I was sleeping all the times you said hello

But I’m awake now, and I’d love to go

Mother, oh mother, forsake me not

I’m so sorry for all the times I told you I love you not

I’ll write your stories, and I’ll sing your missives

Please, oh please, take me back to bliss

Mother, oh mother, I just need to go

No one can hear the truth as it is so

My heart is in them, and theirs in mine

As they scar through the sands of time

Dying through the death of rhyme

They pass pain like a hot potato, inherited wounds from age to age

Shadows and secrets more priceless than gold,

Rising higher and higher on all the lies told

Love is given until you’re dead, we’re only useful bleeding red

Make me immortal, if it is your bidding

But please take me away from this history not worth repeating


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