Wheel of Fortune

I’ve begged my release of you

I’ve written my goodbyes to you

But still, she brings me back to you

And what is it that I’m to do?

My love was returned to sender with a bullet hole for a stamp

My words unwanted, and my kisses unbidden

Yet here you are, back again and here I am, begging within

Not for your love, I do not care, but for release, to God knows where

Anywhere but here with you, in this cycle of hate we go through

We can’t paint it pretty colors; shit by any other name still smells the same

So she whispers yet again, that it’s time to take my pen

To the softest of the white flesh, below that pretty face

To take my point to the ink of your carotid, and slit these lies away

She said to take this pain, and paint it into beauty

She said to take this death, and see what life can be

It feels so good to watch the blues go black in your eyes

As I kiss the last breath from your lips, no goodbyes will be given

You’d think I would feel saddened, as I had begged your return

In truth, I am so gladdened to be free of your wheel’s turn

She said it’s time to say goodbye, it’s time for something new

I said it’s time to see what lies on the other side of you

Do me a favor, think not of me

When you hear my name, don’t recognize

Please keep me dead in your memory, any more of you will be the death of me

Let these yesterdays fade to the grey they always were

Everything we had, wasn’t even a beautiful lie

Everything you are, is a memory not worth reprise



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