You took me in your arms

Found when I was wandering and confused

Your voice was honey on an aching soul

Wisdom in a tormented mind

I can’t do this, I whisper between choking exhalations

My tears a flood of yesterdays

My hope, once endless ellipses, is eclipsed by endless exits

Must I exist in this grip upon which sanity has slipped?

With every breath of the wind, I know you are with me

I hear serenity in the songs of the birds

I sleep easy in your arms and you guide me

Though my shoulders are aching and I’ve blinded my own eyes

Through this cracked mirror, the only gaze I see is mine




For you, I would do anything

For you, I would sacrifice everything

For you are the one who gave me the wings to sing

My mother, my harmony, my perfect conflict

Please bring home this wave, to drown out the sick

Take me back home, I’ll write til I bleed

Let me fly away, I’ll sing til I scream

I’ll let go of every tether, every knot, every kink

I’ll have no care of lows or highs, pass this cup, I won’t drink

Please, Mama, please, open my eyes.

Let me see the truth within these pretty lies


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