Once Upon a Prick

You set me on fire without a single burn

A sleeping child awakened in the middle of a storm

My dream come true was in your arms

Your smile, my north star in obsidian night

Moths drawn to flames, your charms my blight

Your heart mechanical, your hands surgical

Slicing me open without a cut

Confusing mind body and soul til I was nuts

Your tongue turned to acid upon my neglected sores

Weeping necrotic heart wrapped in a leper’s lips

Pain vs. poison in a race to decay

My flesh sloughed off in piles of yesterday

You left  an itch in the center of my ribs

But I chewed my fingers to useless nubs

Plugging my ears, piercing the drum

Where the notes of all music play my hearts beat

Pumping echoes of questions…why you have gone

A sepsis of answers in silence’s tongue

Licking the veins in my scar-ry eyes

Makeup can’t hide the bags of my soul

From sleepless nights, where you are my dreams

In the ruby red glasses of retrospection

From sleeping daze, where nightmares are real

The lucid glaze of rumination, select memories run

A circle cannot end at the beginning,

Nor will the spirals begin at the end

When you’re both the prick and the kiss

Briar Rose can’t help but be torn

I’m sorry our love was a rose with too many thorns

But I’ll take the pricks over again

For the day when my dreams awaken within

If the man who haunts my dreams never returns

I’ll tend the fires, painting skin in ashes

Candlelit vigils for Sleeping Beauty’s reprise

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