Find the Beauty in Your Tears

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    1. Awwwww there you go making me all gooey again. I’m gonna have to change my name to mah butt goo. But that has a different ring to it and probably would make even more people question my sanity hahahahahha

      Thank you and I’m glad!!! That’s the best!!!! I’m grinning now thank you!!!

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      1. But goo! hahahahaha!

        Funny story (and true!). So, Sebbie does this really cool thing with Daisy. I call it soft serve.

        Sebbie loves to help me clean the poop from the yard, so whenever Daisy is out in the yard pinching a loaf, he reaches in and grabs it as it’s coming out her bunghole.

        True story!

        Isn’t he the bestest dog ever?


      2. lolz…ok, a couple clarifications.

        1. So NOT the bestest dog ever. He is never allowed to have kisses with mommy due to his fecalphiliac tendencies. I do not kiss shit eaters.

        2. I mean, seriously, Seb? Eating the shit out of your sister’s ass? C’MON!!!!

        It’s disgusting. I should get a video of it and send it into AFV or something, haha!!


    1. If you do, please send me a pic of the final result. So I can cry like a baby and then I’ll send you a pic of my snotty face. It will be so hot.

      Thank you. So much. Seriously that means so much to me. Love you to the moon and back you beautiful wonderful maker of goo that is you

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      1. Pain is just weakness leaving the body right? Didn’t you write a poem last year about letting in the light to see the darkness? I think that was you. So that’s awesome and I can’t wait to see it

        Ugh. I feel like with 3 kids I have a head cold until they’re in college. Sigh! Hahahahaha

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