Tear Us Apart

INXS Guitarist misses slapping butts

The best part of this article is the comments. I have to admit, I never read articles. I just look at the comments. Like, what information could this article really convey? This is someone’s opinion. Cool. Someone took the time to ask the guitarist of a good band about sexual harassment. He’s in no way affiliated with or affected by this, but let’s develop an article around it.

What cracks me up even more is how worked up people get. This is an opinion. And now “but this is what is wrong with society. This is how we got here. This attitude blah blah blah”

No. It’s not. We got here by giving so much importance to an opinion. We got here by giving so much power to anyone who is not your own reflection in the mirror. People will always be dickheads. This is a story retold over and over and over. Humans have been murdering, raping, and pillaging each other since there were more than one human.

Adam and Eve then Cain and Abel. We got to FOUR humans on the planet and one got killed. I don’t mean to sound defeatist but come on.

Our power lies in each of us, and many choose to give it to someone else for a myriad of reasons. But the culture we have now is because too many people bicker about opinions and believe vehemently theirs is the only valid one. We all have power over and responsibility of one person. Ourselves.

Sexual harassment/rape/assault takes away someone’s power inherently. That’s why it’s so traumatic. I think that’s why these types of articles get people so worked up. But instead of letting emotions fly, I wish there’d be more thought provocation. I mean if nothing else “why do I feel the urge to insult this mans mustache because I disagree with his opinion?” But beyond that, what does this anger serve? Did anyone even read this mans opinion before insulting him? Why is he not entitled to it, but you are entitled to yours?

What I took away from his comment was he misses the days when it wasn’t so Man versus Woman. It feels very tough to be either gender right now and interact with either. Accusations of every form of misconduct are flying, everyone’s ex boyfriend or girlfriend is a narcissist, and before you date anyone you should follow about 3 million dating tips. There’s so much divisiveness and anger, it seems as though you run the risk of offending someone by saying hello. Sexual harassment is serious, and I’ll never deny that. It is, however, difficult to navigate this issue in a hook up culture that seems to tell you to fuck anything that walks, but shame on you?

I feel bad for dudes in general right now. With the media’s focus on a sexual misconduct witch hunt, i would suspect it must feel uncomfortable to look at a woman presently. I feel bad for women right now, because it feels confusing to want to embrace your sexuality and then feel as though you have to guard yourself nonstop. I feel bad we’re all so desperate for connection that sending dick pics and groping each other is a new normal.

It is my opinion that we’re all entitled to our own comfort level and boundary when it comes to our sexuality. What works for me might not work for you and I can’t see why that’s mind boggling. If someone slapped me on the butt, I would laugh and slap them on the butt. However, my tits have been grabbed at concerts, my shirt was ripped off once at a Manson show and I got to walk around in my bra the rest of the night thanks to an asshat who got to walk around with sore testicles the rest of the night. Those are my boundaries and it’s my power and choice to enforce. That’s me and I’m not anyone else and the guitarist from INXS likes to slap butts in the 60s. Stop the presses. In other news, water is wet.

Maybe, just maybe, communication, understanding, and compassion could help alleviate some confusion. Maybe then they could never…ever…tear us apart

(Oh that was so bad)

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