For all of my life, I’ve struggled with what faith means. My love of writing stems from a love and obsession with words and their meanings. Faith has always come back to the story of Doubting Thomas for me and I generally thought it was unfair I was supposed to have faith in 2000+ year old stories. (How funny is it now I’m studying even more ancient writings, right?)

Yet finally, I realized very simply faith is to know that with every inhale and exhale you are connected to spirit, and spirit can mean whatever you want, even if it’s just I’m alive. In being alive, you are the creator of your destiny, and you can choose whatever path you take. The sheer power of your existence is creation in action.

I said to a friend once, people get so hung up on the word god. If you were to make blueberry muffins, to those muffins: wouldn’t you be their god? They didn’t exist without you. It’s a silly example, but that’s the point. We have to stop being so hyper focused on words.

The fact that you can inhale and exhale means you can create in this moment. You are connected in every breath and you decide who or what that connection is with. You have the choice to do with that what you will, and if you believe in yourself, if you have faith, blueberry muffins could be a tasty start.

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