Investment Fallacies – a postscriptum

“The root of all world problems and restlessness is that money (materialism) has become the new and subtle universal religion. This is a time when the only way the worth of a person is measured is by the virtue of the fatness of his pockets. A quick question: would the American president have been elected if he was as poor as Abraham Lincoln when he founded the Republican Party in 1854 and later became the president of his country? We are at a time of history when our instinctive intelligence and awareness has significantly reduced due to the overemphasis of the importance of materialism in the world over.” ~ What Philip writes here is too profound to be added to.


To be a successful investor, in the long-term, does not require one to have a larger-than-life IQ or even a degree from the Harvard Business School. All that is necessary is to have a sound intellect for making good decisions and the ability to keep emotions at bay, something that can be achieved through having a mind that is constantly purified in Enlightenment.

We are at that time of civilization when an Awakened Mind is more than necessary in a world overcrowded with creatures of illusion where there is just too much (junky?) information that has seen many executives’ minds recline to near-insanity. It’s a crazy world where everybody is too focused on the short-term side of things while completely missing the bigger picture of life, and also missing the fun of being alive. Of course God never intended for mankind to be spending all his time from dusk till dawn…

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