Detachment – the bridge between gods and men

Currently, most people detach from reality as opposed to the illusion, as we are all upside down. The question that keeps ringing in my ears is: Who are you behind your eyes? The you in your brow, towards the middle of your mind, viewing the world… Watts said, “The Ego is a feeling – pressure, tension, between the brow.” I began to breathe when I felt the tightness in my brow, and in breathing, I began to remember I am alive.


Dearest among friends, how is supreme wisdom to be achieved, detached acquired and Self-Liberation attained?

To be truly free, transcend the perceptions of the five senses like poison. Also, focus your attention and energies on forgiveness, sincerity, loving-kindness, authentic simplicity and Truth.

Liberation is to know yourself as pure Awareness alone – the witness of all that happens within and without of yourself. Thusly, abide in Awareness as without the blemish of the illusion of the Ego and you will be instantly Free and at Peace.

Transcend the perception of belonging to a certain class, race or group since You – the Soul – are invisible, unattached and without form. You are above all these – the witness of all things. Be happy and joyful.

True Enlightenment is beyond mere morality and other societal conditionings. Therefore, realize that right and wrong, pleasure and pain exist in mind only. These should…

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