As a Man Thinketh

To add to Philip’s wisdom, a zen poem, “When you speak, it is silent. When you are silent, it speaks.”


It is extremely difficult to control the thoughts that arise in the mind. Proper control can only be attained with a stilled mind. Hence, it is true what the wise men and women say: “You are what you think”. If you constantly allow illusory thoughts to be in control of your mind, you remain in the prison of the body without the hope or vision of ever transcending these. But the more one thinks in the lines of freedom the more the near the essence Self-Liberation, which is a tricky and most difficult thing to achieve for many.

It is key that one maintains the awareness that they are the solitary Witness of all that Is – the Suchness of all phenomena. This way you become forever free. The inability to see this is the only bondage of all mankind. To think yourself as limited to the body – that…

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    1. I am around my friend! I have been struggling with writing again as of late. Feeling pushed and pulled and a little uncertain how to proceed. I tend to become a hermit when there’s too much at once. How are you??


      1. Am fine. Thanks for your timely response. I think of you and your beautiful mind often. Its good to be a hermit Buddha. Thats how one gets to establish themselves well in Thatness. You need to stop struggling with writing. The struggle ends when your extinguish the candle light of the no-Self. I never see myself as a writer but rather as a preacher of Truth and Awareness.
        I truly miss you.

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      2. ❤️ it’s funny you say that Philip, as that’s exactly what i am letting go. I’ve always known writing is my gift and talent, and then I became convinced I was going to be hugely successful, etc and it became a focus, a goal, and it began robbing me of the passion of writing. Yet it seems no matter how I perceive, change, etc. my ego seeks validation, seeks this seeks that. In all of
        This, my voice is eroded. The overthinking and overanalyzing disconnects me from the muse, from
        The flame of inspiration and I go into a vicious cycle of depression, self loathing, etc. so then I come center. I know all of this is the game of the ego and I am just to observe. So I observe and I go quiet. Whether I’m praising or excoriating myself, neither are the middle way. I’ve been writing poetry in my journal, but am at a loss here. I’ve come to this place Watts described. I don’t know what I want, I don’t know
        Who I am, and I don’t have anything to teach, sell, etc. I can allow doubt to take over which I have, I can allow faith to override, which I am. I think, though, I’ll get back to writing pretty quickly. Discipline is what I lack, and I’ve asked a friend to help me organize myself. I have a hard time with focus and staying on task. I realized if I had someone help me build my structure, I’ll do better.

        And yes, you know, that shift is where I’m struggling Philip. It’s this… I’ve started upon a journey I never once dreamed of. When I started writing, it was about understanding me, and in understanding me, I’m Realizing there is no me. Yet I feel called all the same. So, then, I shed more labels, more I’s, and as that happens, I find more doors. Right now they go inward and I’m sure then it will come outward. I’m no one special, but maybe I can help.


      3. Wow. I love the depth of this meditation. You are special, and I have known this since the first conversation we had. You are definitely “called”, just that the benediction has not dawned upon you properly. I see the untapped gold-mine inside of You very clearly.

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      4. You’re not the first to say this to me, and I feel Guilty even admitting that. I connected with two people who both seem to want to bring me out of my shell. I’ve realized that the way of the self is a journey within alone, yet the wisest know when to seek help. I’ve finally found enough trust in myself to trust others.

        I am learning a new level of reiki my friend. With your permission, I would love to send you some healing, inspiration, and love remotely if you’re open to it ☺️


      5. Please send. I will send you an email shortly. As for me unconditional trust is usually my torch since I walk without fear, having discovered that which no man can take away from me. Thanks for the love.

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      6. Fear are the weeds I’ve been plucking from the garden lately. I’ve been reminding myself all the fear anxiety and even emotions are my egos problem not the eternal I. Naturally, the karmic collectors came rushing in once I had that thought lol. I swear sometimes I turn my life into Alan watts seminars just to experience the beauty of his words.

        “It is absolutely imperative that you give the devil no advance notice when you decide to leave the illusion behind. The second you declare that you are done, all your karmic collectors will come rushing in. Pulling you this way and that. If you even only admit it to yourself, the devil knows. Because who do you think the devil is? The key is to decide and act as one. They are not two separate, but one, as you are the thinker as you are the doer. Training will get you close, but it’s not until you give up that you find you can do it”


      7. I miss you too my friend. I actually thought before bed last night I had to sit down and read your writing today, so clearly we were of the same
        Mind hahahaha. Email me any time – ❤️ and I’ll try to do better with giving notice on hermit breaks hahahaha


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