Broken Hearts Make Stronger Drums

Days can go without hearing the rhythm of my heart. 

In the busyness and insanity of all the games we play, my breath stays automatic, and my thoughts no end in sight. 

My breath and metronome always with me, marking time in all I do. 

With my breath to guide, my heart is muse and music. 

I’ve lost myself to others and pain was a cross I chose. 

With rose colored glasses broken, I saw no love for me. 

With lies, my heart broke, yet I never heard the beat. 

I danced to anyone who played, yet never played my own.  

I tried to find the peace of harmony in my soul. 

The greatest pain may be a love unrequited, but no greater is one who has none for self. 

I’m grateful for the breaking that finally made me whole. 

My heartbeat became my comfort, and I became my maestro. 

When I listen to my heartbeat, Love is all I know. 

When I listen to my heartbeat, pain is the great show. 

When I listen to my heartbeat, I see the dance of life. 

With the strength of my heart, no fear can stop my feet . 

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