What Am I Listening To?

Inspired by this, I wanted to do a better job of sharing some of the music that’s helping me through the days.  I love 10 Second Songs, and he’s completely right – the music industry is changing and we are all able to access tons of bands, music, and awesomeness with a few clicks.  It is important, though, to share the artists and support them however you can.


One of my favorite things in the world is when people reach out to me on social media to check out their bands.  It makes my life easier, and I always find something awesome that I wouldn’t have stumbled on.  Here are some songs from his YouTube channel that I really enjoyed.  L.A.W is an independent artists with tons of different sounds, please check out his YouTube Channel & Spotify:

Spotify Tracks:

Demon Hunter

I stumbled on them thanks to Spotify.  Orchestral music and metal is one of my most favorite combinations.  His voice is like honey on my soul, too.

Wax Tailor

I’ve been obsessed with Wax Tailor for a few months now.  They are one of those bands that help me turn off my brain and melt.  The Michael Buble version of How I Feel is pretty amazing too, I’m not going to lie.


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