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My introductory post and video are up at HealthyPlace!  Binge Eating Recovery @ HealthyPlace

I will be sharing my story, my recovery, and things I’ve learned to help me stop hurting my body with eating disorders.  I almost talked myself out of writing about this so publically.  Most people know who I am, I don’t really hide it, but here I am MahButtItches.  I’m a generally faceless woman behind a keyboard ranting and raving maniacally.  On HealthyPlace, I have a picture, I have a face, and my full name is out there.  Daina Frame is a binge eater.  I felt exposed, nervous, and ashamed.  The same emotions I felt when I initially outed myself for this shit.

Jack kindly helped me remove my head from my ass, and pointed out that I could help someone.  Most of my recovery has been aided, guided, and inspired by people putting their names and faces attached to their stories on sites just like this.  Maybe, then, one person reads my words and says, “hmm…maybe I can help myself or maybe I need help” that’s a pretty awesome potential.  I’m sure I could also get gossiped about or whatever.

The worst part to admit, and I will, is admitting the Binge Eating part of my eating disorder equation.  For me, that’s the part I am most embarrassed about, and I talk about why in this post briefly.  Please take a minute, check out my first post and my video if you want to see me nervously talk OR if you are curious what my voice sounds like (spoiler alert, I’m almost 35 and I sound like I’m 12). Give some love, check out all the great blogs HealthyPlace has to support you, and share, share, share.  Or don’t, I really have no control over what you do with your PressingWord experience.

Thanks for the love and support!

If you are enjoying my writing, please follow me on WordPress,  Facebook,  Twitter, or my new Binge Eating Recovery blog at HealthyPlace.  I post more stuff there – memes, inspirational stuff, and babblings. Thank you for reading – please like & comment, and if you would be amazing, share my stuff (just give me credit!)

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