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I hit 200 followers! Woo!  I remember when I got my first follower I was blown away.  A complete stranger had read my ramblings and wanted more.  Now 200 complete strangers (some of which have become friends, sisters, and huge sources of inspiration) have followed me.  I’m humbled and eternally grateful.

While I was on “hiatus”, I actually applied to be a blogger at  I had applied for everything, seeing as I am a pot luck of mental health issues (ha!).  I’m so excited to share: I’ve been accepted as a blogger for Binge Eating Disorder Recovery.  I’ve written previously about all of the fun stuff about my eating disorders on here, and I’m excited (and seriously nervous) to talk about them with the HealthyPlace community.  I think I will keep all of my eating disorder focus/writing at HealthyPlace and I still have no idea what the purpose of my itchy assed blog is, aside from an outlet for my narcissism…or is it?

I just had to do a vlog to introduce myself, and I have learned many things in this process:

  1. I say um way too much
  2. Like, I say like kind of like a lot too
  3. I get very confused by seeing my own face as I am talking, and I look away because I distract myself…I am not sure if that is narcissism or the opposite…what is the opposite of narcissism? Like, I’m so repelled by myself I can’t look at myself? Hmm.

Maybe I’ll start doing vlogs here, and you can watch me play with my hair, talk with my hands, and um, like, say, um like a lot while trying not to look at my beautiful self.

Anyway, I’m not set up yet, but you can check out these links in the meantime

Binge Eating Recovery Blog – HealthyPlace

All Blogs –

I will, of course, repost everything there here and whatnot.

This post is completely impossible without the support, love, and friends I’ve found here in the WordPress world.  Y’all have given me so much confidence and support, there’s no way I would have even applied (or done a vlog) without the time on here and the connections I’ve made.  I realize I am the shittiest person in the world as far as likes and comments, because I’m always scatterbrained and distracted, but I do read a lot.  I’m trying to get better on the interaction side, though.  It’s weird how I will blab away here, but if I go to someone else’s blog, I get social anxiety about commenting.  No joke.  It’s silly, and I’ll get over it.

Anyway,…thanks for reading! Thanks for following! Thanks for everything ❤

8 thoughts on “Blog News!

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  1. So proud of you. So so happy you are in my life. I have never met a more talented person than you. A very very gifted writer. My Vinci my Einstein my Plath my keraouc my Diana 😘 all rolled into one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are too too kind to me my dear Yassy. I don’t know how I’d get on without your love and encouragement. I’m so glad you came into my life. And all that you said about me, I feel the same for you ❤ Beautiful poetess, my poesy, my muse 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Diana is like the most fragrant blossom in the garden of life. It’s like you will never fade or wither , your presence here is so much needed and appreciated my gorgeous Diana ! ❤️😘😊🤗🤗🤗


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