Tipping Scales

What if I gave you a lock of my heart?

Would you pull it around like it was string?

Or tickle it to hear my laughter?

Would you treasure it like pharaoh’s gold

Or be blind to the forevers in your hand?

What if you carved that pound of flesh?

Is there anything more to give than that?

Will your tongue be my ankh or noose?

The weight of words is lighter than feathers

Tipping the scales between love and death

Are we bound to be star crossed lovers?

Sipping poison from stolen kisses

By any other name, we’d be

I’d hunt the earth for your broken pieces

My tears would glue you back together

If you’d only take my hand again

I am so weary from being Ophelia drowning

As you whisper to skulls and weigh the fates

Empires rise and fall at our feet

For our love is one of swords and asps

Anubis can take us together again

In the halls of Ma’at, I’ll still scream my love

The truth of us is our beautiful lies

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