Return to Sender

From my island of desertion, a siren’s wail

The rocks of fear have wrecked my sails

My throat and lips dry of songs and kisses

So I’ll send these words in simple missives

Messages in bottles sent to the unknown

For the one who I know is home

Gone now are the days of fear and anger

The currents of love pull much stronger

May my bones be the marrow upon your meat

As I dream of the day on which we’ll meet

The moon will pull our tides together again

You will be a stranger who was always a friend

The depths our hearts could drown an ocean

The sun will be cooled in our fires of passion


Take my love as you may

Infinite beyond the counts of sand

Take my body as you will

The beauty of creation inside our eyes

The waves undulating in our thighs

The crest of my breast

for the whirlpool of your kisses

Swirling in, forever lost

Yet in your arms, always found

Take me as I am, and I am yours

I’ve sent you my heart in a bottle

Across the oceans of time and space

If you’d kindly return to sender

The warmth of true loves’ embrace

Photo Credit – Jeff Goldblum Activity Book

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