Rag Doll

My soul twin, beautiful sister, and one of the most incredibly talented poets I know, Yaskhan gave me the privilege and joy of collaborating on a poem with her.  Together, we created Rag Doll.  (If you don’t already follow her, please do, you’ll be glad you did!)

Well, I’ll be damned

With a swift kick in the soul

God created woman

In the rib cage of Adam, Eve was planned

Pieces not fitting, God left a hole

An obedient toy to woo man.

Eve’s taste for apples, blamed for the fall

Poor Adam, a victim to her insidious plot

Woman, now a synonym for original sin.

She’s in a no win situation

A catch 22 persuasion

For a sin, no known demarcation

Are we all set for damnation?

As Sodom and Gomorrah, poor Lot

His wife showed her salt, a sinner imbued

Too stupid to listen when instructed to

God man woman

He forgot they were human too

The devil still asking his due

The sword of Damocles hanging over her head

Is she Satan himself in bed?

But these rag dolls have more than meets the eye

As men falter to meet the crease in her thigh

Blame cast for the rights made wrong

There are two kinds of hell

Two lands to dwell

The human hell

Living inside eggshells

The human dead hell

Dying inside a prison of fleshy cells

From a frying pan to the fire, we dwell

I hear the devil laughing

Though God made the woman a servant of man

A snake brought a change to the plan

Its venom runs in our veins

Evil creeps untamed

Burning sights, burning hearts

Desperate search for that one peace

For a Madonna, a Mary, or a commonplace whore

The fall of man was just another chore

These dolls are not just toys

They are darkness and light

The power of her flower, are the wrongs made right

The devil still has the last laugh

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