Bless This Mess

It’s a mess!

I behest

Help me straighten up!

Exhaustion interrupts,

“Cannot drink from empty cup”

This mess,

I attest

Grows larger every day

Chill out, I relay

Can’t have all work no play

But the piles keep piling

I say unsmiling

Escape so beguiling

As the clutter makes me shudder

Like a ship without a rudder

Choking on words, I sputter

“I’m up shit’s creek without a paddle!”

This war was lost without a battle

Fallen, I’ll get back in my saddle

No rest,

I suggest

Lest this mess impress no guest

“Give yourself some slack!”, I lack

But please avoid the crack

As you break this mother’s back

I close my eyes, pray to the skies

Breathe in deeply, through the sighs

Wishing my problems to disappear

If that came true, then no one’s here

I’ll be perfectly honest, my dear

The point of this poem is quite unclear

Could be my mind or house, I fear

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