Plot Twist

I drowned in feathers, while flying anchors

When the world becomes numbing needles massaging minds

When the wind becomes a fire stoked inside a frenetic breath

When love becomes an afterthought tip at a drive through service

Lost becomes the only way to be found amongst the debris of lies

Laughs are tucked away unless they can sting

Loving affection withheld to protect the scars within

I keep my scars on the inside, where the map of insanity remains secret

Where the skin bleeds freely as the blades caress my veins

Where a polite tongue slits throats, lapping what once meant all

Where nothing has become everything, the race to the cliff’s edge

Screams become the only way to make the world quiet

Stoking the flames of another day’s flow

Settling for a future of yesterday’s tomorrow

I killed too many dreams to recount, chasing tales too tall to see eye to eye

Why is letting go harder than building a pyramid of lies?

Why is there no difference between a mask and running mascara?

Why is my smile the deadest part of my eyes?

As the twisted noose drapes around necks too busy to crane

Always deceiving with truth concealed in tissue

Awakened in a darkness too heavy to break the backs of the broken

I wonder how many corpses will bring me back to life

I wonder if a heartbeat can remind me of anything besides

A life lost to an unending series of goodbyes

As always, in the bottom, heroes will rise to new lows

10 thoughts on “Plot Twist

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    1. I’m still kicking. I fucked my wrist up and I was moving, so I had no time
      And my hand would go numb after about a minute of typing… I think I just needed to shut down a while too. So much change and everything… how’ve you been girl??

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      1. Weird, I jammed my finger last week and it’s been difficult for me to type, too much, as well! I guess I can say I’m hanging in there, if only by a thread. Especially since my phone was stolen. It was kind of the last straw for my axniety! Anyway, I hope you make a speedy recovery! Keep on kickin!

        Liked by 1 person

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