The Noodler 7.14.17

Uhh…been awhile again!  Consistency is not my strong suit…

I decided I’m getting bored with the old Noodler format, so I’ll add a new Noodler format within the Noodler format, because I can.

Today’s Noodler!

Using the daily prompt, pick a song or band that you like, and why you like it, if you want.

Comment or re-blog with yours, because I’m in dire need of new jams.


Wax Tailor – Sit And Listen

Love this song – it’s one of those ones I like to dance around to while I am doing the dishes and annoy the shit out of my kids, because they hate it for some dumb reason.


Yesterday’s Prompt (catch up!)

Flight of the Bumble Bee – Rimsky-Korsakov

Tsung Tsung (child prodigy) playing – everyone knows this song 🙂

Two days Ago –

Buried Alive – Avenged Sevenfold

Absolutely one of my favorite songs, almost lost my shirt moshing in Vegas, because I’m cool and do not dress properly for pits or tits, pick one.


3 Days ago –

Grits – My Life be Like 

Forgot about this – love this song! The lyrics actually make more sense to me now that I’m older and dumber.

4 days ago –

The Great Muppet Caper – Hey! A Movie

Hahahahaha – I had to stretch memory on that


5 Days Ago

Savage Garden – Truly Madly Deeply

I was so obsessed with this song.  #dork


6 Days Ago

Mr. Jangles – Love has a Shadow

Turn off brain, float away


1 Week ago –

Technically not following my format, but any chance to randomly link to Chris Pratt is fine by me:

Peter Quill Dancing from Guardians of the Galaxy:

Turn off brain, drool away


Comment or re-blog with yours!!!

8 thoughts on “The Noodler 7.14.17

Add yours

  1. Aya Hirano singing a cover of “Cha-La, Head Cha-La” in the voice of the character she plays in “Lucky Star” has been running on a loop in my head for 3 months now. Please help. (Check out Yuja Wang playing “Bumblebee”. Child prodigy, now adult prodigy.)

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  2. Of all the choices, the only one I came up with was Mr. Bojangles. “The dog up and died–he up and died. After twenty years, he still grieved.” I have a few more years of tears for Nelly.

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    1. There’s a Sammy Davis Jr. cover of Mr. Bojangles. That one was tough for me to think, because I kept thinking Mr. Jangles from Stephen King – Green Mile, which made me sad about mouse murder, but then I remembered Mr. Jangles the band. So, woot. hahahha

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