Deb’s writing is brilliant, and absolutely on point. I’m so honored to stand by her side as an advocate. ❤


When we talk about abuse, there are many various ways people see abuse, or feel about abuse.

Some people feel that if the shop owner shouts at them for reading a magazine without paying for it, that is abuse.

Other people feel that if their Spouse comes home and moans about the dinner, that is abuse.

And yet another person who’s partner slaps them around the face when he or she is angry, feels that is abuse.

Can we call the above actions abusive?

Yes of course we can. But as adults, we’re able to process what is being hurled at us, and deal with it appropriately.

A child however, when neglected; or sexually abused; physically abused; mentally abused or emotionally abused;  doesn’t see or know that they’re being abused. They normally internalize the horrific abuse they are suffering, and blame themselves for doing something ‘wrong’.

They try hard…

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