Succulent Project

Planted the succulents with the Poopies today!! It was quiet and peaceful for like 45 minutes!!!! They were occupied and building. 
This is mine

This is Barrel’s

This is Shock’s

This is Lock’s

Here’s them all!!!
Got the bowls at Walmart for 3 bucks, stones were .97 a bag, and actually Walmart has cute succulents occasionally, but I went to the nursery so we kind of made a day out of that and the project today to plant them. We were at the nursery for a few hours, so it definitely was a great project for the gang!!

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      1. Hehehe I’m trying a veggie garden here. I’ve got a lettuce bowl (I really only have a patio) a planter with strawberries, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Well see! I have tons of plants in my house, I’ve never totally bought into energy and all this stuff but actually it does seem to make the house feel more cheerful and lighter

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      2. Good luck to you!!! Fresh veggies do taste better! I’m thinking about planting some lavender. Maybe all over the house for its anxiety calming aroma. Oh, and when you figure out the secrets to growing lettuce, let me know because I can’t grow it for the life of me!

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      3. I planted lavender too!!! It’s outside right now, but I was gonna bring it in too. Incense helps me a lot, if you’re a fan. Sometimes I’ll light incense and make myself watch the smoke for
        A bit til I calm down. I’m actually gonna go buy myself some fresh roses today to
        Get good smells in. I realized yesterday that I’m so stressed – that deep quiet stress that you think “oh everything’s fine!” But then you notice you can’t focus or get shit done because in reality you’re being pulled in so many directions. Ugh.

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      4. Definitely! It’s like you want to do everything, but your body says “you are not doing any of this”. I know how you feel! But I’m glad gardening is helping you! Hang in there, sis, one day these battles will be easier! Much love! πŸ’—

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