The Noodler – 6.24.17

The idea is every day, I will post a “noodler” – questions using the daily prompt, with the hope to inspire interaction and response.  I will respond for me in my comments, and you can respond in comments, or re-blog with your response and ask your readers to participate too.

Today’s Noodler:

What would you say is an illusion you allow yourself to believe in, or fight yourself to stop believing in?  Are there any illusions or delusions that you believe others hold as reality, but you believe is false?

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6 thoughts on “The Noodler – 6.24.17

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  1. I have to go with love. My belief or understanding has categorically been a complete and total illusion. I think that stands for me and a lot of others. I think we have all been sold – through social media, movies, television, etc. an illusion of love that cannot possibly stand the test of time, or even give us a deeper meaning or sense of self. It seems to me that so much is placed on finding love or loving others, whereas loving self is viewed as unnecessary or even wrong. I hear so many moms go on about how they put everything of theirs aside for their kids, under the illusion that love is this all or nothing transaction, where you lose your all to the other. It’s just nonsensical anymore. I think most, myself included, suffer an illusion that there is someone out there waiting for me, who will, ala Jerry Macguire, complete me. I don’t think I’m skeptical or cynical even. I think the truth is that I won’t know anything about love until I can love myself enough to not care if I find it from anywhere else.

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  2. I’d say this idea of being just this human body, letting go of that, with the caveat that yes the body is here, but just a part of the whole. Forgetting that, remembering, longer spaces of time, going easy, and relinquishing (or at least perspectivising) petty grievances.

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    1. Love it. You’re so right, too. I’ve been really trying to think of myself as a wave on the ocean, and a surfer in the wave. I’m so tired of fighting everything and everyone, and I genuinely think I need to stop trying to control my space in this world, because my space is so tiny, so insignificant, and I’m putting too much effort into the little things, which are even smaller parts of all of this… ya know? I have been reading a lot of Alan Watts lately and everything you say echoes his views.

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      1. Yes I listened to a few of his YouTube recordings lately and enjoyed it. I’ve heard of him before thru another blogger so I’m getting a little more exposed to his writings. And I know what you mean…🏄🏂🏊.


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