What Am I Listening To?


I am on a Florence + The Machine kick right now.  The lyric, “You can’t dance with the devil on your back” really resonated with me.  This entire month, I have been focused on accepting me as I am, where I am.  It’s helped me grow tremendously, because all the resources I had dedicated to fighting xyz are freed up to explore and experience.  This song really sums it up, I kept myself so busy dragging my crap around instead of just shrugging and accepting it is what it is.  That simple mind shift has made a huge difference for me, and I feel more authentic, like I truly love all of myself.

I am becoming increasingly convinced that in order to achieve your potential, especially as an artist, you must embrace your weaknesses and demons.  Your sorrow and suffering then becomes the paint you use to color the beauty of your world.  “It’s always darkest before the dawn” Our suffering, pain, weakness, demons are the contrasted night that makes us smile at the blue skies and sunshine.

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