The Noodler – May 26, 2017

Daily Prompt – Reprieve

Every day, I will post a “noodler” – a few random questions using the daily word prompt, hoping to inspire interaction and response.  I will respond for me in my comments, and you can respond in comments, or re-blog with your response and ask your readers to participate too.

Today’s Noodler:

If you found a reprieve from remembering the worst day of your life, would you take it? What about your biggest problem?  If yes to either or both, would your answer change if the memory or problem was given to someone else?


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6 thoughts on “The Noodler – May 26, 2017

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  1. No, I would not ever take a chance to change the past because we have the onus to take on full responsibility for our actions whether hackneyed or not. Loving your prompt question that you have posted. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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  2. No, I wouldn’t for either for the same reason; I have always believed that the things that hurt me or bring me down the most are the things that make me who I am as much as the things I love about myself or life. I have always loved the balance of the Yin Yang and darkness and light. I think that everything I deal with is equally important to make me who I am – for better or for worse, in every sense of the word. There is a part of me that has a laundry list of people and situations I’d like to forget, avoid, or not contend with; lots I did not even ask for, but I still believe that it is all important to make me truly happy. I can’t imagine enjoying listening the the breeze or the chimes as much as I am right now, if I didn’t work to be healthy and happy to enjoy it. I’ve also been called a masochist, so, ya know…


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