So You Wanna Meditate?

Today’s Post on StreetPychiatry – tips on meditation!

Street Psychiatry

There are tons of videos, books, and gurus that can teach you how to meditate.  I am not going to write a step by step guide on meditation, but I thought some tips might be helpful.  Modern psychology incorporates the Buddhist practices of mindfulness and meditation to reduce anxiety and depression.  Ironically, my psychologist seemed surprised when I told her that my wellness is more dependent on spirituality than medication; meditation is my primary medication.  My journey started in mental health and spiraled out.

images (19).jpgI’m not a doctor or psychologist so I can’t talk to you about meds, CBT, DBT,  ACT, except to share my experiences.  From my experience, making meditation a consistent part of my life and mindset has resulted in dramatic changes in every aspect of my life.  I remember thinking there is no way I can ever make my mind be quiet.  I could never sit down like…

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