Anew Moon

Darkness spreads to inspire fear

While intuition falls on deaf ears

In the empty sky, truth will pull you near


Though night seems longer than day

It is always darkest before dawn, they say

Between black and white, there is gray


The sun is not our only truth or light

The verse of duality breeds a perpetual fight

Forgotten, it seems, our sacred moon’s insight


In our darkened skies, the answer hides

In hardened hearts, love resides

The oldest wisdom needs reprise


Remember the colors after the rain

Remember that beauty is birthed in pain

Remember love will ease every strain


In these darkened skies, we search for light

Forgetting the Goddess who rules the night

Fighting to remain insane with all our might


Just as the moon cycles in her monthly birth,

Just as your feet are rooted in Mother Earth,

So must we all grow in love and our rebirth


In empty skies, we can start anew

Thanking each morning with the sparkling dew

Thanking each evening for the chance to renew


Close your eyes and journey within

Fall deaf to the world and silence the din

Accept the darkness, to allow the light in


Begin your change on the darkest night

Release your pain under the fullest light

Trust and listen to intuition with all your might


Be a lunatic with the moon’s glow

Be a mad hatter, celebrate high and low

Release the insane chains of what you know


No matter how dark the sky may be

Nor how hopeless fear blinds you to see

Love is the constant push to grow and be free


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