The Noodler – May 25, 2017

Daily Prompt – Survive

The idea is every day, I will post a “noodler” – a provocative question, hoping to inspire interaction and response.  I will respond for me in my comments, and you can respond in comments, or re-blog with your response and ask your readers to participate too.  Not to get on my soapbox, but I just think we need to spend more time asking questions, and less time thinking about Donald Trump’s latest tweet.

Today’s Noodler:

In order to survive, do you believe you need love?  Is there anything beyond the basic physiological needs (like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs) that you need to survive?

Comment or re-blog with your answers!

14 thoughts on “The Noodler – May 25, 2017

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  1. I definitely believe I need love. I’ve lived a life where I didn’t love myself, and it was less than surviving. It was existing. I think comparing life with and without love, and I’m focusing on loving me alone, is comparing dog food to prime rib. In addition to the basics and love, I need affection and companionship to survive.


    1. I’ve always thought there is no loneliness quite like feeling lonely in a crowded room. Don’t forget, you are loved!!! It sounds corny, but I have been writing kind of love letters to myself. Nice notes or whatever in my journal about good stuff I’ve done. Not having affection though, it’s tough. I think as social creatures we do need it. Like how infants need to be held. I have a feeling you will be finding what you need soon.

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  2. I have read that it is, actually, possible to die from a broken heart. I believe it!
    I think I need love to survive. No, I KNOW it. If I were the most hated person in the world, I would be absolutely broken. Unable to function. I need love/compassion/affection.

    Also, alcohol is pretty darn important. You know, for those rough days. 😀

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      1. I’m so sorry to hear that! I don’t know anyone who has, but I think I would die of a broken heart! That or I would go slap crazy if something happened to Dillon.

        Of course I always tell him when I have to bury him, I’m jumping in the coffin with him. Then he just squirms and moves away, slowly. LOL! 😁

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      2. My grandmom always told my pop pop “I’m going first! I’m not doing this without you.” She was right. ❤ If Jack died, even though he's not my husband anymore, I still think I'd be broken hearted. I can't imagine a world without him, ya know? We started dating when I was 19, so 15 years now he has been in my world… It's nuts!

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